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Happy New Year to Family and Friends!

2013 was a full year, and we’re excited for new adventures in 2014! Here are a few milestones from the past year:


Aqeel (5 years)

·         Started full-day kindergarten as one of the youngest children in the class. After a bit of an adjustment period, he now loves every minute! His favorite subject is computers. Perhaps we have a budding Steve Jobs on our hands?

·         Discovered not one – but two, previously unreported animal species: the “snow camel” and the “water chicken”. The full story is well worth a read if you’re in need of a chuckle (see next page).

·         Cultivated a short-term obsession with the Rainbow Loom. His wrists were adorned with a variety of fishtail, starburst, hexafish and zippy chain bracelets, and our floors were adorned with innumerable tiny colored rubber bands.

·         Career goals as of 01/01/14: evil scientist or hang-glider

Shehzad (8 years)

·         Started playing travel soccer with Campton United Soccer Club. (I am now officially a soccer mom!)

·         Was selected to represent his grade in the school spelling bee, and is practicing vocabulary so he can progress even further next year.  

·         Enjoyed Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) and Boy Scout summer camps. The combination of scientific exploration and outdoor adventures like shooting and archery made for an activity-filled summer. Shehzad loved the IMSA camp so much that he has already decided he wants to attend high school there!

·         Career goals as of 01/01/14: still wants to be a meteorologist – he’s gunning for Tom Skilling’s TV job!


·         Settled into his new job as Director of Services at Mitratech. He relishes working for a smaller company, which allows him to make a more meaningful impact with his clients and colleagues.

·         Continued reading books whose titles make Sakina want to take a nap: A Short History of Nearly Everything, The Personal MBA, and The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement.

·         Had fun relaxing with Sakina on vacations to Brazil and Key West, snowboarding with Shehzad in northern Michigan, and splashing around with Aqeel in Wisconsin Dells.


·         Enjoyed a trip to Italy and Switzerland with mother and sister, combined with a speaking engagement at the 2013 EAACI World Allergy Congress in Milan. Highlights included a scenic train ride through the Alps to stunning St. Moritz, and a surprise concert from famous tenor Andrea Bocelli.

·         Continued a focus on the treatment of life-threatening food allergies. I was thrilled to graduate 5 children from my peanut desensitization program this year, which allows them to safely consume peanuts from now on.

·         Indulged in some home improvement projects: gardening, redecorating, and plans to increase our enjoyment of the backyard.  I’ve been lobbying for a hot tub, but Mansoor says I have to commit to organizing at least 7 parties per year in order to guarantee proper utilization of the purchase. So if you’re coming over for dinner, bring your swimsuit!

We hope you enjoy 2014 to the fullest!

Selected from “In-Car Conversations – 2013”

Shehzad: Mommy, can we go to India?

Aqeel: I got a better idea. Let's go to Canada!

Shehzad: Canada is not better than India. It is still cold there! It’s just like one big tundra.

Aqeel: You know what other place is cold? Antarctica! I want to live in Antarctica because they have camels there.

Shehzad: They don't have any camels in Antarctica.

Aqeel: Yes they do! They have snow camels.

Shehzad: There's no such thing as a snow camel.

Aqeel: You are so weird.

Shehzad: Why?

Aqeel: You're a water chicken.

Shehzad: Mommy, can we go to France?

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