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Day 11 in India-Car/Agra-02/3/2015

posted Feb 9, 2015, 9:51 PM by Sakina Bajowala   [ updated Feb 18, 2015, 4:55 AM ]
We had to wake up really early to go to Agra. We ate a filling breakfast, and then we rode to Agra. My parents slept for basically the whole car ride. The car ride was going to take 3 hours. For half of the car ride, we rested. My dad bought some "Indian Doritos" and one bottle of Coke. That was our lunch. On the second half of the car ride, we were more active. Soon, we were in Agra. We met our tour guide named Faison. He first showed us the Agra Fort. Back when there were kings in India, Agra was the capitol of India. He showed us the summer palace and the winter palace. The winter palace had a fireplace and a high bad. It was also on the ground. The summer palace was in the air with an object inside to gather cool air. When we saw the Queens rooms, 2 were fairly small and 1 was gigantic. The Queen that had the huge palace also had a winter and summer palace. When I saw everything, our tour guide said that the British Kings searched for gold to steal. That's why everything is only made of red limestone and white marble. We also went to a place where they use the material of the Taj Mahal, but make different kinds of cool things with them. Some of the stones they use are white marble, Lapis Luzuli, Black Onix, and Carnillion. We thought about getting a chess board, but we wanted to see another place if they had a lower price. After that, we went to a restaurant called, "Pinch of Spice." When we finished eating, we went to our hotel to go to sleep.