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Day 4 in India-Mumbai-01/27/2015

posted Jan 29, 2015, 6:56 PM by Sakina Bajowala   [ updated Feb 2, 2015, 4:16 PM ]
Today I couldn't play with my cousins because they had to go to school or study. So, we went to my aunt's house. Her name is Lamiya. She has a little girl named Kiara. At first, I played lots of electronics. After about 3 hours, we had to pick Kiara up from preschool. The building had a black fence. Behind it, 5 year olds were playing on the playground. The floor was made part of cement and foam. The playground was made of metal, wood, and plastic. When she was coming through the doors, she was so exited to see Aqeel and me. When we went back to Lamiya Masi's house, we ate lunch. There were rice with sauce, ball-shaped chips that are hollow, and peas. I didn't like peas, so I gave them to Kiara. She gobbled all of them. After lunch, Kiara wanted me to help her make hair designs with Barbies. Instead, Aqeel played Geometry Dash on our Ipad Mini. Kiara made crazy hairstyles. First, she would put so much water that the Barbie doll could've had over-hydration. Then she would color it. After, she pulled up the Barbies dresses and held up her hair with her hands and pins. It looked so crazy that a lion couldn't compete with the hair. Soon, we all went to the "Gateway of India." We rode on a horse buggy. It was very shiny. We decided that we would go to a restaurant. Aqeel fell asleep along the way there. Soon, my family went back to our hotel. Lets hope we don't wake up early, again.